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Khepera's Kitchen, LLC.

418 E. 31st Street

Baltimore, MD 21218

(410) 961.0490

Khepera’s Kitchen


Khepera’s Kitchen, LLC, is an elite chef service for individuals and organizations that require personalized creation of great food.  We specialize in global cuisines using classical techniques and seasonal ingredients.  Services include personal chef meal preparation, cooking classes, private events and weekend only brunch in our café.  Everything is made from scratch. Taueret Khepera Thomas is chef and owner of Khepera’s Kitchen.  April Dubose is the pastry chef.

Website - www.kheperaskitchen.com  Email – taueret@kheperaskitchen.com

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For The Black Restaurant Challenge, we are asking everyone to visit 2 Black Owned restaurants during the month of February. From February 2nd to February 25th. Then, visit our Facebook and Instagram page and share a photo of video of your experience at the restaurant. Share it with friends and invite them to take the challenge.